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This waffle weave 80/20 blend of soft microfiber shield 36(W) X 25(L) comes with 4 suction cups that fit into 4 strategically placed grommets creating a protective non-slip cabinet saver covering your sink cabinets. The protective cabinet saver has a 4x4 cut out in the center to fit 24-36 in. sinks. The suction cups attach to any sink surface and can slide and adjust to your desired location.

After use, air dry, fold it up and store under the sink or remove the suction cups and throw it into the wash, it's that simple.

Splash Away Cabinet Saver

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Introducing the Splash Away Cabinet Saver, the ultimate kitchen essential in cabinet protection. Made from waffle weave microfiber in a sleek grey color, this versatile microfiber cloth effectively safeguards cabinets from grime, spills, and other kitchen messes. With the ability to last up to 500 washes, this highly absorbent material is 99% bacteria free and mold-resistant, ensuring a clean and hygienic kitchen environment. Not only is it eco-friendly, being made from recycled materials, but it also dries quickly and is perfect for wiping down surfaces or drying dishes. Say goodbye to cabinet stains and hello to the Splash Away Cabinet Saver, the must-have addition to any kitchen.

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